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The Spirit Grieves

LAST NIGHT, I WENT into a Christian book and supply store to try to find a gift for a couple family members who are getting baptized tomorrow, and the Spirit within me began to grieve. Every item in there felt hollow, clichéd, fear-based, condescending, or arrogant, whether it was a trinket, a figurine, a wall …

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Now in Paperback: Root, Sacral, and Solar

Hey you! How would you like something to hold in your hand? How about the first three books of the seven-part Energy Anthology epic? Just these three look beautiful standing in the shelf next to each other… I can imagine how all seven will be when the series completes in 2014! Debuted by Amazon at …

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The Energy Anthology, Volume One!

SURPRISE! I’ve been hinting at a big surprise for a while now, and been trying my dangdest to keep my big Aries mouth shut about it… but now, HERE IT IS! The Energy Anthology, Volume One: Root, Sacral, Solar! The Metaphysical Epic Illustrating the Seven Major Energy Centers of the Body– the Chakras! Available in Paperback …

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