Now in Paperback: Root, Sacral, and Solar

Hey you!

How would you like something to hold in your hand?

How about the first three books of the seven-part Energy Anthology epic?
Just these three look beautiful standing in the shelf next to each other… I can imagine how all seven will be when the series completes in 2014!

Debuted by Amazon at the introductory price of only $6.64, how can you resist? 😉

ROOT (Energy Anthology, Book 1) in Paperback
SACRAL (Energy Anthology, Book 2) in Paperback
SOLAR (Energy Anthology, Book 3) in Paperback


The Energy Anthology is a series of separate yet connected stories, each illustrating the seven different energy centers within our bodies— our chakras.

The Root Chakra processes our energies and emotions of fear, survival, foundation, family, and purpose.

The Sacral Chakra processes our energies and emotions of guilt/shame, creativity, and sexuality.

The Solar Plexus Chakra processes our life force energies, as well as our sense of free will, purpose and destiny, and deals with our issues of controlling and being controlled.


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