The Energy Anthology, Volume One!


I’ve been hinting at a big surprise for a while now, and been trying my dangdest to keep my big Aries mouth shut about it… but now, HERE IT IS!

The Energy Anthology, Volume One: Root, Sacral, Solar!
The Metaphysical Epic Illustrating the Seven Major Energy Centers of the Body– the Chakras!
Available in Paperback and eBook from Starfield Press!

— ROOT —
He didn’t remember exactly where he was before he had a body, but he definitely remembered where he was when he became aware he was now inside a body.

The harder he tried to remember before, though, the further it seemed to slip away. He had to have known at one time– he remembers there was a “one time,” doesn’t he? Why was it now cruelly held captive at the edge of his awareness, taunting and teasing his muffled soul?

One thing he did know: he did not belong here. He was not from this place, he was not made for this place, he did not belong in this place. He was sure of it.

But to this place he had come.

Looking upon a sea of twisted and angry faces now, his first memory in this new reality is nearly his last.

But what is this reality?
How did he get here?
And why is he here?

ROOT is an emotional journey of love, fear, loss, and exactly what it means to be alive.

The ROOT CHAKRA processes our energies and emotions of fear, survival, foundation, family, and purpose.

There are influences in this world many go about their lives completely unaware of.
There are realities beyond the accepted realms men box their thoughts into.
There are acts of passion which hold much more intention than they may seem.

Priding herself on having and doing all the “right” things, Karina Simone has worked hard to shape her world her entire life. Little does she know that what she is about to experience will shatter her conditioning– and her taboos– forever.

The SACRAL CHAKRA processes our energies and emotions of guilt/shame, creativity, and sexuality. * Warning: Contains Adult Content *

With a near hysterical laughter, Eva curled her body and rolled to her side, hugging the cold stone beneath her as best she could. Images flooded her mind, the places she’d been, the things she’d seen.

The bodies she’d been in…

SOLAR is a story of power struggles, both inner and outer, as well as a tale of empowerment, destiny, and the redemption of the Self.

The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA processes our life force energies, as well as our sense of free will, purpose and destiny, and deals with our issues of controlling and being controlled.


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