I’ve always described myself as “able to hang out with and get along with any type of crowd, class or people,” and was quite proud of it. Granted, I have always been quiet— with Past Lloyd much more so than Present Lloyd— and, after a recent experience where my natural “character” was completely out of place, have realized sitting silently had a lot to do with that view.
An observer has no conflict whatsoever with the observed. In fact, no contact at all!
Not knowing who I was, what I did, or where I was going also had bearing on that illusion.
All things to all people” are words that have mystically echoed in my head my entire life. I always thought they referred to this “ability,” but have since come to know that it means something different altogether, yet still I continued without replacing the old view with the correct meaning…
Those words are meant to define “skillful means.” Meet people where they are. Be yourself… remain steadfast in your own wisdom and knowledge… but greet them on their level, their point of view, their capabilities of understanding and handling.
When you know who you are, you can’t change that for others’ sake… but you can “translate” and mediate between two worlds…


  1. Melissa Rae says:

    Exact-a-mondo my dearest! We do not have to be AS the people we find ourselves involved with .. while passing through … but simply to BE offering dignity, respect, as well as OurSelves. You do not have to be a drug addict in order to talk to a drug addict in a way that is respectful and they feel comfortable around you. I do not have to BE a murderer in order to counsel a murderer … and us both be comfortable. I remember a year ago… when I was with *that* group of people whom on occassion was friends …. I was NOT like them … yet they Were comfortable around me …. Because I did not judge, disrespect, or persecute ….I simply was present with them … Was myself …. And Showed them the spirit in which I would have *liked* to been seen and treated. We cannot disregard who we are .. in order to be for someone else … We can be in sync with someone in a moment …. Without becoming the essence of that person.. taking on their traits .. characteristics.I love you. You are amazing. Kudos.

  2. Ah yes… an illustrated example of "In the world, but not OF the world"This describes me.This describes you.Thank you for always sharing wider perspectives, and offering deeper clarity, Devi!I adore you. *mwah!*

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