Quite Enough

O, we are Loved, we are Loved,
And it’s quite enough that we are Loved…
[ David Crowder Band ]
[ from It is easy! ]
If you want to know how to heal, and how to become
a healing presence on this Earth, there is one simple
way: that is to know that you are loved. Feel how
you are loved. Know that you are absolutely worthy of
love. You will never be abandoned, not ever. You
will never be rejected, not for any reason. The love
that the universe has for you is absolutely without
conditions. You do not have to “earn” it. You do not
have to “deserve” it. You do not have to “prove”
anything. Most important of all, you do not have to
doubt your value or importance or worth to this
universe. The universe loves you without conditions,
without qualifications, and without reservations. The
love that the universe has for you is absolutely
unbounded. You can never expand your receptivity to
this love enough there will always be a greater
that you can keep opening to. You are absolutely
worthy and absolutely accepted and loved and valued
and cherished by this universe. This is the essence of

If you understand and accept that you are totally
worthy and loved without reservation by this universe,
then you will naturally be a channel of this love for
others. If you doubt that you are loved, if you doubt
that you are worthy of love, if you wonder “Do I
deserve to be loved,” then you cannot help but have
doubts about other people being worthy of love. If
you feel that you have to “deserve” love in order to
be loved, then you cannot help but feel that other
people must “deserve” love in order for you to love
them. If you feel that you may be rejected for your
weaknesses and imperfections and the mistakes that you
may make, then you cannot help but feel that other
people may be rejected for their mistakes and
their imperfections and weaknesses. So if you put
yourself down as not being totally worthy of love, you
re not making yourself a healing presence to others.
But by accepting love and its healing power, you
become a healer because you make it possible for other
people to begin to accept love as well.

You will never be rejected and you will never be
abandoned, no matter what mistakes you may make. You
can best understand this, perhaps, as the love that a
parent has for a child; the true spirit of parenthood
is unconditional love regardless of the child’s
mistakes in the learning process. That is why some
spiritual traditions represent the love which the
universe has for you as a parental love, which indeed
it truly is.

If you know that you are absolutely worthy of
love, then you will have no doubts that everyone you
meet is absolutely worthy of love also. If you can
truly and fully accept the fact that you are loved
without reservation by the universe, then you will
know without doubt that everyone else you meet is also
loved without reservation, and you will share in that
love for them.

So what can be meditate on to become a healer for
this planet? You can simply meditate on “I am loved,
I am loved, I am loved,” until you DO feel it and know
it and understand it and believe it. Your
understanding and acceptance of this love can never
cease to expand. As your Acceptance of this love
expands, your Acceptance of others and of the universe
will also expand. When you accept that the universe
loves you without conditions and without reservations,
then you will naturally live a love for others that is
without conditions and without reservations. YOU are
loved absolutely. This love will never be withdrawn.
That is the essence of healing.

In the context of this love, don’t allow mistakes to
create barriers among you. Be gentle and humble and
tender with one another. Be patient with one
another’s mistakes. You will all make mistakes. The
universe does not reject you for making mistakes.
Mistakes, by oneself or by others, are a valuable
opportunity to practice your ability to love as God
does, without conditions.

You may be hurt by loving unconditionally, but that
is an opportunity to let yourself be healed by the
unconditional love of the universe. It is an
opportunity to discover that you truly are a strong
person, that your spirit can survive and heal no
matter what, that there is no test that you cannot
survive if you accept the love of the universe
unconditionally. The universe has unlimited reserves
of love available to heal you. The love available to
heal you is limited only by your willingness to accept
it, to allow yourself to understand “I AM LOVED.”

And since you are absolutely worthy of love, you
have every right to be loved by other people. You
help other people to grow in love when you give others
the opportunity to love you. Be open to one another’s
love. Accept the fact that others DO love you and you
DO deserve it. Don’t be afraid to accept love. Don’t
be afraid to ask for support. Help one another to be
open to the love of all.

You are loved. Feel it. Accept it. Open yourself
to it. You are absolutely accepted. You can be
accepting of others if you are accepting of yourself;
if you want to be a healing presence on this planet,
the foundation of that must be the acceptance of your
own self.

Unconditional love is the most powerful healing
force in the universe, because unconditional love
means the love that looks past the surface. No matter
how deep the layers of pain, mistakes, distortions,
anger, sins, may be on the surface. unconditional love
sees the true beauty of the Being that is underneath.
When you recognize that you are loved, you can
recognize the true beauty of the Being that is beneath
all the layers of problems and personality. You can
recognize the unique expression of the universe that
is the whole shape of your Being.

And when you KNOW that you are loved, when you FEEL
it, when you have truly opened to this most basic
truth of your existence, then you can think of another
person and FEEL how that person is loved just as
absolutely. The universe will never reject that
person, and neither will you. Your role in healing
this planet is to channel this love to all beings
around you, all the hurting beings. You multiply
healing power throughout the physical world. Feel the
love that flows throughout the universe and overflows
among all of you. All of you are absolutely loved.
All the universe is loving and loved. This is the
essence of healing.

channeled by sachahambi (“forest medicine”)
~ ~ ~ ~
And the bottom line is… LOVE.

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