[Out of] Control

What is this place?   
These past couple weeks, I’ve increasingly noticed everything around me seems to be crumbling and spinning wildly out of control, at an alarming rate. This planet is so infested with hate and fear, ignorance and lust, immaturity and selfishness— is there any effort at all to reverse this tide, to cure this leprous rash?
While my family and I are growing stronger and closer together, it seems everyone we know, and every report coming in from the world is throwing it all away, apparently not caring whether anyone else is suffering, hurting, or dying— including themselves… jobs and employment and providing for family not taken seriously… relationships blindly tossing to the wind, chasing romanticized emotions… abandoning commitments for thrills of desire… manipulating all around them for their own benefit… lashing out and belittling others as punishment and retaliation for “offenses” done, while ignoring the “planks” in their own eyes… denying and refusing responsibility for their own actions and decisions… fighting over imaginary lines on the ground… raping, killing, robbing, terrorizing, controlling, judging, disrespecting, fueling hatred and misinformation…
Have I been living in a happy little bubble all this time? Has it always been this way, or is it merely the deepening balance in our own family creating a more noticeable contrast? Is it from a greater compassion rising within myself, ushering awareness? I have been working on that for years now, but do not see any wiser change yet…
And what can I even really DO to change their minds, to make them SEE?
How can anything shift this tsunami even one iota?
In reality, what can the Resonate program even affect or change?
I feel so incredibly disheartened… so hopelessly devastated with this place.
But I know, I know… BE the change… be the Example… start with myself… but it is so overwhelming sometimes, when you FEEL the energy of all around you…
My darling Melissa gently reminded me that the world outside will always have their problems… but having each other and our family is what matters most, a thousand times over… that we are not here to condone or condemn, just support— and even that is up to us… we do not HAVE to offer ourselves close enough to anyone to be placed in such a position.
Another friend encouraged, “One tiny baby at a time… then maybe one day, long after we are gone, and our babies have raised babies, this world will be a better place…”  
We are not in control.
We cannot control.
Everyone makes their own choices… chooses their own staircase and direction.
The Tao Te Ching teaches all this… the Master leads without leading… teaches without teaching… sits back and lets things run their own course… and then the people proclaim, “Look what we accomplished— all by ourselves!”
Hope is within ourselves alone.
Our own mind holds the perspective we choose to see, and our own example is what our children see.
And isn’t everything Self-ish and personal to each individual anyway?


  1. Melissa Rae says:

    My Dearest, In order for us to survive in this world … in its strictest sense … we must be selfish. It is human nature. Survival of the fittest is a cruel idea … but it is how all things evolved into what they are ….Maybe we have all become a little too involved in that sense….When we fail to see the family of a child … and a child …. struggling with a serious medical condition …. when we just see dollar signs and not the value of this precious life …When we do not take in our frail grandmothers and leave them in isolation … in the care of nursing homes …. when all she needs is a bed, conversation, meals, and books to be free …When we argue LAW is more important than Human Rights…..When we believe that stoning is more humane than hanging a woman for …what could the offense possible be to deserve that?When we fail to see the invisible space between the lines …. Then we are failing as a species. My fear is this is happening. More and more this is happening. Out of our control. Makes our hearts bleed …Yes….But out of our control.We have what we need inside ourselves, eachother, and our home …. To be happy. The world can come in ..and it will … during the day … but at night … we choose to cose our doors. I love you beyond.8/26/2010 4:39 PM

  2. Melissa Rae says:

    When you smile. When you do for me, for juju, for the kidlets … When you extend yourself out for another …Just because of the love that resides inside you…Then THAT *IS* making a tremendous difference in the world.One mustard seed can feed a country.

  3. You are absolutely right, my Love… I am me for you… for Julia… for Donovan… for Callie… for Benjamin…Our actions and choices begin HERE, with us, with our family… and ripple out to others… and, ultimately, the planet.It IS enough.Thank you, Baby! <3I LOVE you!

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