We bear a tremendous responsibility to be accountable for our actions, words, and even our very thoughts!
What we are currently experiencing in our 2011 reality— both beautiful and hideous— has sprouted and grown from the seeds our ancestors and forefathers planted. The hope and Light in our lives this day is available to us because of the intentions and dreams of those generations behind us, and the violence and darkness running rampant this day is also evolved from the hatred and fear those before chose to embrace.
In the same way, the seeds we are now planting will be the future reality of our descendants— the children of our children’s children’s children.
We have the example of this even on the small, short-term scale of what we teach our present children— they grow, absorbing the influence we feed them. What goes in is what comes out, and this includes our thought forms. All things, from people to plants, animals, and furniture receive the beamed vibrations of our very moods and attitudes, and since all things are connected and truly One, they cannot help but absorb what we are transmitting. Eventually, if not released by the others, this leads to a syncing up, a resonating and mirroring of the same.
Do we really want to fill our atmosphere with the exhaust of negativity, resentment, and fear?
I vote for smiling, blessing, and joy!

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