Just Us

Today, a vast majority of this world is rejoicing… rejoicing and celebrating a death— a murder.
But not me.
I am crying.
Bawling my eyes out.
The others are crying as well, of course…
What has murdering a single individual done to “right” any “wrongs”?
What is right and just about this?
I cannot even begin to comprehend,
nor understand,
how war, violence, and hatred
can even be thought
to heal
“Look how he abused me and hurt me,
How he threw me down and robbed me.”
Live with such thoughts and you live in hate.
“Look how he abused me and hurt me,
How he threw me down and robbed me.”
Abandon such thoughts, and live in Love.
In this world
Hate never yet dispelled hate.
Only Love dispels hate.
This is the law,
Ancient and inexhaustible.
[ The Dhammapada ] 
Today, our Earth weeps inconsolably at the misguidance, at the lack of compassion, and at the ignorance of her Children, who write little hoo-RAH! poems and sing sickeningly arrogant patriotic songs to delight in this single living being made to carry and represent all danger, fear, and violence… that which was snuffed out with more violence.
Yet perhaps that was his agreement in existing… maybe this will bring a turn in tide… and another round of humans will snap out of this fear-cage…
But today, more than just one man has died,
For there is no “other” man. 
There has been no justice.
There has only been just us.

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  1. Melissa Rae says:

    I do not know the answers, love. When someone is violent and does violent acts by existing … destructive to all that are around …. then I am not sure what to do with that person. Hugging him likely would not help. Imprisoning him would not really help. If he is a man and if he is in power …. And if he is speaking words of death and disease … sorrow and violence then I am not sure if taking him out is not the best of the proposed choices. IF he is in power. IF he is in position to cause danger. IF IF IF. That said, I am not sure that he was ..That he was even alive any more … And certainly he has been made out to be a villan. It was a killing because of the "eye for an eye" philosophy. A scapegoat for all that is wrong … so responsibility and accountablity can be denied. I am not sure what happened last night …. But I do know this … If a man is killed then this is NOT something to shout with JOY over. To dance in the streets about. No matter what he has done. Death …. tis a complex thing. And souls do not die.

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