We were so sure yesterday was the day we would hold our sweet Julia Renee.
We were so sure she was Jacob Aaron, until the ultrasound showed us a girlchild.
Why do some things prove wrong, when they are derived from the exact same places that have proven right many times before?
Is it the translating that’s “off,” tainted by wishful desires?
Is it the hearing?
The source?
Not only has becoming a parent been an amazing physical experience, being a metaphysical parent has iced this experience with dimensions that astound the senses… conversations with her from the moment of awareness of her presence… observing the locations of spirit and body, and the process of the two merging and entering into union… seeing and feeling her inside the womb, a real live person grown from nothing but our Love for each other…
But when that Sight fails to become reality, why?
How can one who reads professionally and accurately for others at psychic/spirit fairs be unable to clearly see their own circumstances right under their nose?
It is because one does not control the Universe.
At the time of peeking… what is, is… yet even nanoseconds after… decisions are made… actions are taken… REactions are sent rippling out… affecting all else… which is also rippling out from their points of origin… even air currents are changed from colliding into cross-currents…
Another factor is what is called, in Buddhist terms, “skillful means.” The telling of what is needed to be heard in order to believe what is needed to be believed.
The Lotus Sutra tells a parable of a father whose children are playing with their toys and so absorbed in that, they don’t realize the house is burning down around them. The father yells and screams that the house is on fire, but they don’t see fire immediately in their playroom, so they laugh and continue playing.
Seeing that his children are not at the level of being motivated by the true reality, he then gets their attention by promising them he has left all sorts of new toys and carriages and candy in the front yard for their delight, but they have to go out and get it themselves! The children rush out of the house in excitement to find no promised treasures, but turn in time to see the house crumble in flames behind them.
Did the father lie to his children?
No. He skillfully used a means he knew would rescue and prepare his children amid the fire.
If we had not completely expected our daughter to arrive Tuesday, we would not have completed our process of preparing to give birth physically, mentally and emotionally… the day came and went without delivery… yet here we stand… strong… ready… waiting.
Thank you, (insert your higher powers here)!

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  1. Melissa Rae says:

    Yes love. We are ready for sweet julia now more than yesterday or a week ago. Infinite possibilities occur after each thought … each choice. This reminds me of your conversation with the kids. You: "We don't like to kill things."Them: "It was just on television. Not real."You: "Seeing it on television and thinking it is okay makes it real."Every thought we have vibrates out and comes back to us changed. The reality is …. kids who play violent video games say it is "just a game" but it desensitizes them to the point where things in the "real world" become okay too. …. Kids exposed to sex at a very early age, begin to see themselves (unhealthily) as sexual creatures to be used or to use others in sexual ways. boundaries are crossed. Julia will come when she is ready. A hurdle has been crossed. Now *we* are ready. We were given the blessing of a trial run. Hugs. LOVE! xoxoxoxox

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