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The Music That Touched My Soul [2014]

This year, I thought instead of my usual year-end recap and honoring ritual of simply writing about my experiences, I’d share it all with you in the form of what music I discovered in 2014—what moved me, what helped me, what uplifted me, and what kept me going and/or focused on my Core, my Foundation. These …

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My Drum Did Bang

It is undeniably apparent that our physical environment is directly connected to our inner environment, and the energy of both. I spent a good part of yesterday (with my amazing little JuJu helper, of course!) ridding our lives of large, space-taking, yucky crap, dragging it to the curb for Recyclers to score. LOL— I dragged …

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What is it about FlashMobs— no matter what they are surprising the public doing— that wells unstoppable tears in my eyes? Is it simply the element of surprise? Is it the creativity and life displayed? Is it the unity of all those “in” on the secret, banding together despite age, race, sexual orientation, or height? …

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