Beauty Undefeated

My dear brothers and sisters,

May undeserved kindness be shown to you, and may you reach a peace of mind that surpasses all logic and reason. I wish these for you beyond all things, for I know you have been doing your absolute best in this world that seems to have gone mad with all manner of violence and hatefulness. You have not given up, despite your endless difficulties, and you hold your eyes to the things that remain beautiful even in the midst of these terrible times. You yourselves are in fact these things of beauty, undefeated by the world around you, insistent on shining in your beauty and your faith that this world is still a beautiful place to be, despite some outward appearances.

Hear me when I say now that you have encouraged me, even in times you thought it was only I encouraging you. All things are created with two reflections. What shines on one, shines on the other, and what is dimmed in one, dims in the other. We know this is true from the things we have seen when we were together. And I long to be together with you once again. I have every hope that this will happen, and I hold on to this hope as one of the beautiful things in this place.

My dear ones, please remember when you feel alone and in darkness that there are many others within you who also feel this darkness, just as there are those within you who feel the light and beautiful things. There is a cause for all these, and all these have their times and purposes. There are no accusations for those in darkness, just as there are no accusations for those in light. Know that whatever place you find yourself in is not an island. Know that whatever you need is always present, always within you.

There are those around us who do accuse, and who do mark others with labels and judgments for the purpose of separation. These desire the safety and comfort of existence, just as you yourselves do, but they do not understand that safety and comfort are gifts inside each of us as we understand these things. Have patience with them, and know the place they stand, not from the thinking that your own place is greater or more beautiful, but from the knowledge that you yourselves were once exactly where they are now. Remember the roads you have traveled to reach this place, and the love and encouragement you were shown as you opened your eyes. Love them the same, disregarding the words of others. We follow only the hearts that have developed within us. We know we must continue this way, for we feel the void of separation it creates within these earthly bodies when we do not.

So put love on your lips as a balm, dear brothers and sisters. Let every word from your mouth and every thought from your heart be a kiss of beauty to all creatures and all of creation. Turn nothing away, even the things that disturb your sensitive hearts, for each time you look on these things with the light of your being, you change them. And you are changing this world.

Greet everyone and everything you meet with the love and respect of an intimate family member, as you know that we have all been formed as one family. I and all within me send you love and peace without pause.

May you find joy and encouragement in this, until we communicate again.
I love you.
And so it is.



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