The Healer: A Novel – Sneak Peek

The Healer: A NovelAs my latest endeavor, The Healer: A Novel, grows ever closer to completion, I’ve had many of you very excited and eager for it, asking when it will be released. It’s looking as if it will be late spring now rather than the early spring release date (my birthday!) I had hoped for, but nevertheless, it will not be much longer at all!

In the meantime, I gift you here with another exclusive sneak peek excerpt from The Healer: A Novel, read.More


“Gentle is a holy word” I wrote in my journal back in 06/2006.

Thinking back, I had clearly been going through a shift at that time.
I had been struggling to find and figure out where I was heading, what I was supposed to be doing, and how things were going to happen. Clinging to specifically desired outcomes, grasping at wanting to know all things before they happened, and receiving no answers whatsoever had left me restlessly floundering.

I had been fighting with—and disgusted with—the anger and frustration that overwhelmed me in dealing with people, particularly difficult and nasty read.More

Bloodshot Eyes

I come from a line of unshakable Christians and preachers, and even now, nearly all of my relatives—immediate and distant—follow that genetic path without question…

Ministry is in my blood.

But it has always been very clear to me I have different eyes.

I have the sort of eyes one receives on a mountaintop, after conversing directly with the Creator, after whirling dervishly in perfect and subconscious synchronicity with one’s brothers and the Divine, after touching the Universe itself via the walkie-talkie embedded within one’s own Heart—the eyes of the mystic who finds God in all things, light and shadow…


Mother Sorrow, Natal Manifesto

My heart has been broken,
And those pieces have been broken,
And the pieces of those pieces have been broken.

And as my heart has been divided,
And had the divided divided,
I realize
With ever-sharpening clarity
I am
A mirror,
A sentient reflection of the Whole which lies broken around me.

I am no different than,
And not immune from
The Whole.
How was such separation allowed?
How were such things tolerated and ignored, back when it was still not too late,
Not too read.More

O Manjushri


Homage to Venerable Guru Protector Manjushri!

At your Heart you hold a Dharma text, showing that you see all ultimate and conventional truths with a wisdom that has dispelled the clouds of obstructions and radiates like the sun.

With a melodious speech endowed with sixty qualities, you love like your only child all migrators in the prison of samsara, who are confused by the darkness of ignorance and tormented by suffering.

The roar of your speech, like the sound of dragon-thunder, read.More

Sweating Bullets

I’m dying.

I do it every so often, you know.

And so I suppose it is only fitting that in this my numerological 9 year—which is completion, wrapping up another full cycle—I find myself dying again.

And it feels good.

We collect so many energies and dust mites as we go through life, and drag these behind us if we don’t clear and release them regularly… but often, life get in the way and keeps us going going going, and we forget that sort of self-care… until it reaches a point where a death becomes necessary—a shaking, shattering, read.More

Firsthand Darkness — My 2013 Worldstory

WORLDSTORY 2013WITH THE RELEASE OF the first annual Starfield Press WORLDSTORY 2013 Treasury—a various author compilation sharing the experiences of growth and change 2013 brought others all around the planet—I decided to go ahead and share my chapter contribution from this project here as well.

It takes a lot of reflection, introspection, and meditation to review and recap the major lessons and themes of a year… And it takes even more bravery for one to open and share very vulnerable places and emotions within themselves. I’m read.More

Bengali Tea-Boys


Those who give us a hard time, who are difficult to be around or who constantly blow our cover, are the very ones who show us where we we’re stuck. The great meditation master Atisha always traveled with his belligerent Bengali tea-boy because it kept him honest. Without his ill-tempered servant to test him, he might have been able to deceive himself about his degree of equanimity. Troublemakers up the ante: if we can practice patience with them, we can practice it with anyone. —Pema Chödrön, No Time To Lose


It’s always so different when it read.More

Official Devastation

It is generally considered that people are inherently good, that given the choices, ultimately the good, humane, kind, and loving choice will always be made.

The holidays try with all their might to convince us of this, painting warm and fuzzy pictures of the way things should be… but after the year I’ve experienced and the things I’ve seen, the holidays only seem to glaringly make the true reality of things all the more apparent.

This world is a golly-gee-damn mess.
Definitely more Scrooge & Marleys than Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

If the happy happy joy joy picture of the read.More

My Utopia

We’d gather around
All in a room
Fasten our belts
Engage in dialogue
We’d all slow down
Rest without guilt
Not lie without fear
Disagree sans judgement

We would stay and respond and expand and include and allow and forgive and
enjoy and evolve and discern and inquire and accept and admit and divulge and open and reach out and speak up

This is utopia
This is my utopia
This is my ideal
My end in sight
This is my utopia
This is my nirvanaread.More