My Drum Did Bang

It is undeniably apparent that our physical environment is directly connected to our inner environment, and the energy of both.

I spent a good part of yesterday (with my amazing little JuJu helper, of course!) ridding our lives of large, space-taking, yucky crap, dragging it to the curb for Recyclers to score.
LOL— I dragged one pile of things out, and it all disappeared within a couple hours, so I said, “WOO! I don’t have to wait for next month to clear out more!” and dragged a second pile out, which has now nearly completely disappeared as well— all before the trash truck has rumbled through.

I then completely cleared our back covered patio, arranged the outdoor furniture and grills in the yard, hooked up the hose and proceeded to spray down those objects and the cement.

Dirt, decay, death— gone!

Spring— welcomed!

Now the energy around the house feels drastically different!
Dumping old, filthy crap… lightening the clutter-load… clearing and cleaning the living space— it really feels like a shift in season has now begun.

The physical environment directly affects the non-physical environment.
This is something I learned when studying traditional Buddhist practice. The first step in preparing for prayers, offerings and meditations is clean your sacred space.
No clutter, no dirt.
Clean space, clean mind.


And I got out my drum.

And I got out my flute.


And my drum did bang!

And my flute did flute!


And my children asked me how I got so good at it.

I just be Me.




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