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The Healer: A Novel – Exclusive Excerpt

WITH MY NEWEST WORK—a full-length novel entitled The Healer—writing itself out full-steam ahead, I would now like to unveil an exclusive first look for you all! Packed with even more of the metaphysical, shamanic, and quantum-level elements you’re loving so far in my Energy Anthology series, (Still more of those to come ahead, too!) The Healer …

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Lightworker Sale and Excerpt!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! My newest book, Lightworker: A Call to Authenticity, will be only $0.99 for a limited time on Amazon, for Kindle eReaders, apps, and cloud readers! Still only $0.99? Click here to see! With four 5-Star reviews in its first month of publication, Lightworker is quickly gaining recognition as a gentle call to those …

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  “The jungle people revere jaguar because it can transform heavy energies within the Luminous Energy Field. Legend says that when jaguar enters a ceremony, it devours the negative emotions of anger, fear, and grief. Jaguar is a spiritual cleanup crew, transforming thick, heavy energies into light. As the protector of all life, jaguar safeguards …

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