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My newest book, Lightworker: A Call to Authenticity, will be only $0.99 for a limited time on Amazon, for Kindle eReaders, apps, and cloud readers!
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With four 5-Star reviews in its first month of publication, Lightworker is quickly gaining recognition as a gentle call to those drawn to making definite change in this world. The book is also currently in development as the basis of future retreats and classes!

Stay tuned to the1978one,, and Starfield Press for more information on this and other projects coming ahead!


As a Lightworker, your ability to pick up on energies will typically heighten dramatically over time—not from any special super-powers you receive, but as a result of the work you do on yourself, first and foremost. Your starting point in everything is always you, and as you clear yourself out, purging anything discovered to be inauthentic, outdated, or harmful one by one, the clarity and space you create makes room to allow the energies of everything else into your awareness.

At times, feeling so much excess energy on top of your own energy and emotions can become quite overwhelming. The urge to run away or close down can get to be so strong that many stop trying to cope with it, or quit trying to find their balance. Some give up and sequester themselves away in a monastery to meditate all day, every day. Some find and hook into an intentional living community “off the grid,” to attempt to avoid contact with the world. Others fly to some exotic country that has been placed on a pedestal as a spiritual paradise, such as India or Bhutan, to escape the “troubles” they have in their daily lives.

And what do all these eventually discover?

All the “noise,” all the “interference,” is in those places, just the same.

The source of your world is you, and wherever you go, there you are. You cannot run from your difficulties, and in claiming the title of Lightworker for yourself, you have accepted the responsibility to be authentic and committed, no matter what. You, above any other, must demonstrate the example of facing the difficulty, doing the work, clearing the way.

You do not have to travel to a faraway land in order to clear, balance, heal, or enlighten—whatever you feel you need most in this moment is with you right here, right now. In most cases, even where you need to be is right here, right now.

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