SOLAR Release!

SOLAR (Energy Anthology, Book 3) has been released— ahead of schedule!

Grab your eBook copy today, and find out what happens in this new installment of the amazing seven-part chakra-based epic that is The Energy Anthology!

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Stay tuned as it is placed directly in other stores such as Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, and Apple iTunes!

Book Description:
With a near hysterical laughter, Eva curled her body and rolled to her side, hugging the cold stone beneath her as best she could. Images flooded her mind, the places she’d been, the things she’d seen.

The bodies she’d been in…

SOLAR is a story of power struggles, both inner and outer, as well as a tale of empowerment, destiny, and the redemption of the Self.

The Energy Anthology is a series of separate yet connected stories, each illustrating the seven different energy centers within our bodies— our chakras.

The Solar Plexus Chakra processes our life force energies, as well as our sense of free will, purpose and destiny, and deals with our issues of controlling and being controlled.

Also available:
ROOT (Energy Anthology, Book 1)
SACRAL (Energy Anthology, Book 2)


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