My Heart cries for Meadows!
The spine in my back
Longs for a slumber
Among Lilies and grass,
Discarding belongings,
In exchange for belonging.
To laugh with my Children
To speak of a Life
Open and Loving,
Allowing for strife,
The ointment for growing
In midst of the glowing.
Embracing a Goddess
With all that I am,
Exciting the Sun Wheel,
Training noodles and jam,
Dreamily gazing in
Worlds I don’t fit in.
O, for the freedom to
Soar in the Blue,
To laugh at the vipers’
Magickal brews,
All things to all things,
Regardless of these things.
Standing upholstered
In Warrior’s hide,
Inspecting the massive
Microscopic Insides.

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