O To Be Dead…

I have never been afraid of dying.
Even as a child, I cannot recall being afraid of anything, including dying.
But now I see… I am.
Now I see so vividly my ego thinks he is King, and— even though exposed for the tyrannical death-grip he IS— it is still so excruciatingly difficult to overthrow him…
Yet, he is dying.
I am dying.
Kicking and screaming and clawing and biting and fuming and raging and ranting and spitting and constricting my chest and crushing the air from my lungs and setting my ears aflame and twisting my stomach in knots, he desperately scrambles to stay out of the tomb he is sinking ever-slowly yet ever-steadily into.
And he is slipping… losing… dying.
My Amazon Kindle has seen to that, with its providence of wisdom at my fingertips to reflect on throughout the day— 
Aaaahhhh!!!! So THERE we are: This internal panic that has so intensely arisen is directly related to the increase of absorption, introspection, and application of purity and truth, and therefore causing the fatal allergic reaction the ego, which is programmed for survival at any cost, is experiencing!
Oooohhhh…. Now I see you, O Builder.
Well then, to that, I respond:
And so I shall warrior on… and I shall let this part of my humanness slip away… and I shall die…  and I shall continue to walk this Earth, a Vampire, dead to the flesh, yet living immortally below as above and within… drinking the beauty and blood of this physical life… seeing clearer… hearing sharper… more Alive than I ever was “alive”…

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  1. Melissa Rae says:

    You have been going through so much, emerging into this new you. This raised conciousness. This indiscriminate knowing. Dying to be reborn. Oh yes! And we sahll all be better off for it. This world …. everything and everyone you touch … Better off for it … For the knowing … For knowing you. <3 I am already humbled by knowing you … and tha was the you before this 😉 I love you!

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