Do not run from the shadow of life,
for there is much healing to be completed
once the pain of the darker side of life is
felt, realized, and understood…
[ Barbara Marciniak/Pleiadians, Earth ]
Something has been following me.
No matter which way I turn… no matter what I do…
it never misses a beat.
Headlines could read:
The Shadow At Large!
Unshakeable Shadow Looms!
In my years of spiritual, religious and metaphysical study, I have heard mention of the shadow self many times… and always had negative imagery wrapped around it…
Who wants to look into the darkness?
Who deliberately faces the negative aspects?
Who observes the coldness to get to the warmth?
But in fact that is exactly how it IS.
In the same way we cannot magically develop patience overnight— even from a prayer— but instead must endure hardships… conditions that test us and push us into an excercise of patience… over and over… until each time is less and less difficult for us… and we suddenly look back one day saying, Now when did THAT happen?… we must also peer into the sides of ourselves that we do NOT like… those parts of us we are willing to do ANYTHING to hide or deny… for it is those pieces of us that are damaged… hurting… causing us pain…
Until we are willing to openobserve… and obliterate
nothing will change, either in the past OR the future.
We must sit WITH our pain, but not sit IN it.
Just BE.
Hold it.
Acknowledge it.
Accept it.
Then it will be able to gradually exhale… fade… heal.
The Shadow Self is not something lurking “out there” waiting to attack us… not a Jekyl/Hyde monster within… but our own life-long bruises, constrictions and walls… waiting to be mended.
I think this is how we “work with our Shadow Self…” it’s just another way to describe the process of processing, healing and growing…

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  1. Melissa Rae says:

    Yes. In order to call a rose … red …. one must be taught the color. Red wagon. Red ball. Red nose. R-E-D red R-E-D red I can spell red … I can spell red…Fire trucks are r-e-d stopsigns are red too-ooo R-E-D R-E-D. So as children we learn this. And then we see stoplights. We associate RED with stop. Green with GO. And Yellow to SLOW (or to some it means speed up). As teenagers we begin to associate RED with WARNING! STOP! FLAG! Nature teaches us the RED often means BACK AWAY. TURN AROUND. Black widows have red hour glasses on their bellies. Rashes are red. But red also means Courage (Red Badge of Courage) and erotic passions (Red lips, Red nails) RED roses mean LOVE. So does that mean LOVE is dangerous and sexy?You are exactly right. We have a shadow self. That does not mean a BAD self. Just a self that will cut us open … and the cut will hurt…the blood oozing out will likely startle us …. perhaps if too much blood loss occurs we not only feel pain, but dizzy …. sick….overwhelmed …unsure.Childbirth comes with blood and pain. But a little life is born unto the world. Red is REBIRTH.What lies in the shadows is exposed by the light of understanding.xoxoxoxooox love you

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