Pass the Roles, Please.


I am wanted.

Each time I go, there are many who gather around… those I have helped… those I have touched… those I have impressed… those who have merely heard of me and want a taste for themselves…

They want me back… they want me available…

They want me open.

But all before was off… mis-motivated… though well-intentioned.

Income enhancement, or grasping for ends to meet… recognition… ego.

Yet all things are always exactly what is needed for those who those things come into contact with… it could not have been attracted into their lives otherwise… regardless of the means and intentions that delivered them, it meets the need.

And so it seems I have been used…

And so it seems that even after a full year’s time, I am still needed…

And so it seems it is almost time…

I am not the same man that sat at the table before.
All reasons and intentions have shifted…

When the moment approaches… the approach will be from a new level… purer… lighter… Lovier… opener.

I am open to this.



  1. Melissa Rae says:

    Darling … Sometimes it takes the right tools …a series of seemingly unfortunate events, an hour glass, and a mirror. Series of unfortunate events:Change .. changing into the man … the leader … the warrior that you were always meant to be. To take up your mantal. Be protector … Be provider … Be lover … Be Wiser … Give self with knoweldge of what that means …. and to whom how much of self should be given. Become the self that loves selflessly while still belonging to self. Uplifting self. Hour Glass:Time is ever changing and bringing us to another giant rock on our journey. we stop and pick up the littel stone. But it is the giant rocks that are an accumlation of the stones. That my love … is the big bang where transformation becomes. Use time wisely. Look around and know where you are on your journey. Be true to your path.Mirror:All of these people … and there are so many… are standing unseen around you. It is when you hold of the mirror that you see them surrounding you …looking up to you …. needing your help and love …. that you are truly able to SEE yourself. See yourself. Know they self. Be true to who you are ….thus you are being true to your purpose.I love you and am proud of you. Always.

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