Threw You the Obvious…


Whatever the spelling is for the word I’m looking for, I haven’t a clue.

If all the pieces were already in place, it seems most would never even notice.
Right in front of faces… eyes wide open… blind.
Are the ripples not clear as day… bright as the Sun?

Birds float past… beyond the need to flap… as accustomed to the currents of Life-gale as the leaves of the beings much older… celestials who have been to the south, and returned to the fold… building together a nest for the without and within… but it’s only a heap of freshly plucked twigs… and it’s only a pigeon, wouldn’t it be nice if it were a hawk?

Spinning a planet takes still-standing strength.
Maids do way more than milking.
Skin can be lost in the midst of the eye.

And sometimes forks are made of stone.

Why must the tree be stuck to its roots?
How has it not even heard the word forest?
Don’t believe all those whispers, or that ring will burn burn burn…

But Grace is your own hand plucking the fruit;
It’s rotten by the time it falls by itself.

The Middle Way
The Middle Way

Take without looking
Look without taking
Place without looking
Look without placing

We can’t exert one more millimeter or millisecond!

And sometimes you have to take some cardboard and trace the shape of the missing puzzle piece then take an exacto knife to cut it out and color it approximately the same shades and tones so it blends in with the rest of the Image where it will be placed.

And sometimes people leave.


Yet mirrors show and tell.
I know.
He knows.

We know.


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  1. Melissa Rae says:

    Dearest …I love you!Reading your words…….I stopped at…"And sometimes people leave" Yes. They do. But love, it has been my experience that there is always someone …. just waiting …. to slip into their place.It hurts to be unseen by those we love. How can they not *see* you as intimately as they have *known* you. But as we grow and change … and move away from the nest …. It becomes harder and harder to costume as the fold. We leave. Then come back. And upon coming back we worry. We think … I will quack like a duck. Talk like a duck. Waddle like a duck. They will embrace their sitting duck.This will be easy! After all, I have been around ducks all my life. Was in fact raised by ducks. All my friends … from the past … were mostly ducks. Sure there was the occasional peacock and buzzard … But mostly ducks. With wings clipped, keeping them close to the ground. It feels even more isolating to pretend to be something we are not. Not only is it exhausting to appear to be one way .. constantly … when we are not that way at all. It also is emotionally unhealthy. You are an eagle…. have always meant to be an eagle … and learning from ducks for you … has been like learning how to crawl. Ducks from your past crawl. You stand, walk, run, jump …. And FLY. A noble, beloved bird. An eagle."Keep your dignity"Be the eagle that you are ….xoxoxoxo

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