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When It’s Easy, It’s Easy

WHEN THE GOING GETS tough, the tough one keeps going… but sometimes other things crumble as one does, especially if the “going” induces and awakens all sorts of negative feelings one imagined could never be present in one’s system… When everything is smooth and light and well, it’s easy to practice one’s practice, to mindfully remember …

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Bengali Tea-Boys

*sigh* Those who give us a hard time, who are difficult to be around or who constantly blow our cover, are the very ones who show us where we we’re stuck. The great meditation master Atisha always traveled with his belligerent Bengali tea-boy because it kept him honest. Without his ill-tempered servant to test him, …

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Karmal Apples

One simple rule of living that so, SO many still seem to overlook and not “get” is you get what you give. If you are loving and kind and open and giving toward everyone and everything around you, what is it that will happen when the day comes you need loving and receiving? If you …

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