Author: Lloyd Matthew Thompson

This portion of my multidimensional consciousness currently resides within a physical human body.

The Fruitful Darkness

Trevor Hall The Fruitful Darkness   For the second time in my life, Trevor Hall has given my heart and mind a voice in times of difficulty, times of processing, and times of major metamorphosing and shape-shifting. As I wrote in 2014 about his Chapter of the Forest album, his most recent album, The Fruitful …

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Excerpt: The Energy of God

Ladies and Gentlemen! I would like to present you with an excerpt from The Energy of God, which is now available on Amazon worldwide in both paperback and Kindle eBook. Find it on Amazon here. The Energy of God is a call to end the discrimination, end the hatred, end the separation; a call to …

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Now Available: The Energy of God!

My dear brothers and sisters, I’m beyond humbled and amazed to announce my new book, The Energy of God, is now available in paperback and Kindle eBook format! Five years in the making, this project has been a major undertaking, taking me under the waves of my own heart, mind, and experience, leaving me eternally …

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All The Things That Man Has Made

Catch the Bird of Heaven, Lock Him in a cage of gold. Look again tomorrow And He will be gone Lock Him in religion, Gold and frankincense and myrrh Carry to His prison, But He will be gone All the things that man has made Cannot hold Him anymore. Still the Bird is flying as …

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Beauty Undefeated

My dear brothers and sisters, May undeserved kindness be shown to you, and may you reach a peace of mind that surpasses all logic and reason. I wish these for you beyond all things, for I know you have been doing your absolute best in this world that seems to have gone mad with all …

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I Am Not Christian

I am not Christian. I am one who will stand with the outcast and the judged But I am not Christian. I am one who has to defend the defenseless But I am not Christian. I am one who offers my hand to any color height size orientation caste But I am not Christian. I …

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