Delusions of Grandeur


I think we just think we are the authors and artists… we launch elaborate plans and practical jokes on ourselves, delusions of grandeur to make ourselves feel better and “in control” of things… but what is that quote about best-laid schemes?

The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry. (Steinbeck)

But can it really be classified as “awry” when the ending order and finalized product is better than we could have schemed ourselves?

It’s all in your point of view.


With The Galaxy Healer’s Guide complete, and out in eBook and paperback formats, I intended to focus on and enjoy writing fiction for a good long while…

Buuuut… it seems the greater aspect of Me that is the Universe had/has other plans in store.

I will finish SOLAR, and have the first block of The Energy Anthology out…
But then there is more nonfiction on the way!

Unless it goes awry in its awryness!


The teacher in me will not allow the things we’ve seen over the last thirty-five years continue un-addressed…



Oh, and it’s almost my birthday!



  1. Teresa Wertz says:

    Cannot wait for Solar! I’ve tremendously enjoyed Sacral and Root! As teacher and mom to this wonderful human being, I am humbled to call him mine <3 Love you Lloyd..keep up the great work!

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