Today is October 26, 2010, 2:49 PM.
Today on October 26, 2009, 2:49 PM,
as I sat at my desk processing paperwork,
I received an email containing only eleven words:
Lloyd… I just took a pg test and I am pregnant! 
Melissa and I immediately jumped on the phone and found we were each… calm!
Despite the unexpected surprise of what we thought was impossible,
there was surrounding this news
a “rejoicing and happiness all around spiritually about this…
and an overwhelming sense of Love and Protection…
And what seemed to be a timing we would not have chosen,
a place we would not have chosen,
turned out to be,
step after step,
PERFECT timing.
All was provided every step of the way…
All our wishes were honored in every way…
All things tumbled into place, laughing all the way…
And “youth” was “reborn.
Julia Renee grew healthy and strong to her fullness of term,
and is now a roley-poley jabbermouth beauty
of four months,
showing more of her own personality daily,
growing into a radiant girl!
And she has been teaching daddy
how to let go,
how to return to innocence,
how to laugh and play,
how to… LOVE.
LOVE… yes…
The greatest of these…
Between Melissa’s unconditional Love
and JuJu’s innocent Love,
I am Changed.
This is true Mercy.
This is true Grace.
Despite all I’ve done—
And I can Love…


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  1. Melissa Rae says:

    I did not realize today was that day one year ago. And here we are …. planning to marry in just a few more. Timing is everything. I remember sitting in your car … at the plaza parking lot …. or at the park …. or wherever … talking about …. how are we going to make this work…. job.. telling our families …. how? how? how? I ranted and raved more than I knew … Wanting all the pieces to fall together yesterday. And here we are … one year later… money was always there … house was there ….divorce final tomorrow… healthy and beautiful baby girl … We are blessed. So blessed. It makes me cry.

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