I miss my Lover, and the Joy she brings me.

I miss my children, and the Love they give me.

I’m anxious for my daughter to be born, and the Light I have to show her.

And I long to embody the Self I feel inside.


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  1. Melissa Rae says:

    Darling, I am so thankful that you've shared yourself, without holding back, this week. So many changes are happening right now. Blink … and the entire world will look different. You will have a warm, breathing, cooing baby in your arms. You will embody the role of FATHER … DADDY …. and all that entails. You will feel strange …. days after she is born …. "I am a father!" ….. You will turn these words over and over in your head and when no one is looking you will pinch yourself to make sure you are not lost in a fantastic dream. You will look at me and think, "Mother of my daughter. Companion of my love." And you will see me differently too. To really appreciate sunrise … one must tightly wrap themselves in night's cloak. I love you!

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