Wise One: The Song of ManjushriWise One: The Song of Manjushri
by Lloyd Matthew Thompson
Paperback and eBook


THIS BOOKLET IS A new understanding of a sadhana for the wisdom buddha Manjushri, who is also known as Manjughosa in some regions. Manjushri is the Bodhisattva of wisdom, gentleness, mindfulness, and meditation, as well as being an inspiration to writing, music, and singing. The Sanskrit name Manjushri means “gentle friend.”

You will find first a more traditional rendering of the text, followed by the updated rendering, and finally an expanded commentary on the updated rendering.

A sadhana is a mantra or prayer focusing on certain qualities you wish to inhabit. You may also recite a sadhana as an opening of a channel or a portal, to simply usher the energy of the specific qualities listed into this world. Meditation on and reflection on a sadhana helps to add those qualities to your own character. Setting the intension for the sadhana to beam out into the world will dedicate it to benefit all things. Many people find great benefits in memorizing sadhanas they connect to, so they are able to recite and be encouraged by these qualities at any time and any place.