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Firsthand Darkness — My 2013 Worldstory

WITH THE RELEASE OF the first annual Starfield Press WORLDSTORY 2013 Treasury—a various author compilation sharing the experiences of growth and change 2013 brought others all around the planet—I decided to go ahead and share my chapter contribution from this project here as well. It takes a lot of reflection, introspection, and meditation to review …

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To Be Dead

To be dead would make everything seem so silly, wouldn’t it? Ridiculous. Time-wasting. Pointless. To be dead would be to know no cares, wouldn’t it? Suddenly nothing would matter— Didn’t pay my bill? Oh well. Didn’t report to work? So sorry. Didn’t always do the right and responsible thing even though it never pays a …

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A New Old Me

I’m going to admit something to you here you may or may not know already. Are you ready? I’ve gone a bit crazy… …For creating paperbacks! With my recent decision to launch each individual story of my Energy Anthology into paperbacks, (oh, you didn’t know that yet? Well, now you can start saving your $6.99’s …

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