Category: past life

The Daddy Wheel

Tomorrow is Father’s Day… The subject and word of Father brings up so very much for me, on many levels. I’ve been thinking about this lately… I haven’t spoken to my own father in nearly two years, though he lives only twenty minutes away. A cauldron of past issues and present issues, combined with the …

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It’s raining. I used to always stand in the rain. When I worked for 7-Eleven, I was the crazy employee standing in the parking lot, soaking wet. Tonight, I felt the storms rolling in… with my children freshly in bed, I stepped into the backyard, bare feet on grass, and rose into the sky. Planted …

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Yesterday marked my thirty-fifth year on this planet, and it seems the first to affect me in any sort of way, though not in the way you might think. All previous birthdays have had no effect on me… older, sure, but this is just one of my bodies— its age means nothing. It’s always been …

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