Author: Lloyd Matthew Thompson

This portion of my multidimensional consciousness currently resides within a physical human body.

Energyworker: A Call to Empowerment has arrived!

THIS IS NO APRIL FOOL’S joke—Energyworker: A Call to Empowerment has arrived in paperback and all eBook formats! Working with energy is not something magical anyone has to learn. It is naturally ingrained in everyone already. There is nothing that can be done without energy. Each and every one of us works with energy in …

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The Music That Touched My Soul [2014]

This year, I thought instead of my usual year-end recap and honoring ritual of simply writing about my experiences, I’d share it all with you in the form of what music I discovered in 2014—what moved me, what helped me, what uplifted me, and what kept me going and/or focused on my Core, my Foundation. These …

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AURA is FREE on Kindle 10/04-10/08

Step right up! Step right up! My short story, Aura, is FREE for Amazon Kindle and all free Kindle apps from Saturday October 4, 2014 through Wednesday October 8, 2014! Sometimes, being an empath is not as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be…  Spontaneously born from moments of contemplating both my own heightening sensitivity …

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THE HEALER: A NOVEL has arrived!

A HIDDEN PAST… A desperate present… An inescapable future. Two separate lives brought together by the interconnected threads of time and destiny are about to change the world forever. Of that there is no doubt. But sometimes a healing and salvation first requires a devastation and destruction in order to begin.   Riddled with shamanic references and …

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The Healer: A Novel – Sneak Peek

As my latest endeavor, The Healer: A Novel, grows ever closer to completion, I’ve had many of you very excited and eager for it, asking when it will be released. It’s looking as if it will be late spring now rather than the early spring release date (my birthday!) I had hoped for, but nevertheless, …

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Bloodshot Eyes

I come from a line of unshakable Christians and preachers, and even now, nearly all of my relatives—immediate and distant—follow that genetic path without question… Ministry is in my blood. But it has always been very clear to me I have different eyes. I have the sort of eyes one receives on a mountaintop, after …

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