The True Constant


When I was younger,
and first learning I could feel
the presence of the Earth,
I would get SO annoyed
and upset with concrete
blocking the way and covering up
so much of the ground
everywhere I went.
I became anti-cement
nearly to an extreme
anti-civilization frame of mind,
until I grew a bit more
and found
cement did not matter,
asphalt was no block to Mother
because it WAS the Mother,
made of the same.
after I had grown even more,
I figured out
that sameness was also me—
and that sameness was
actually energy.

I can look at the tree
and see its sprig of a sprout
and its vulnerable twig 
it grew from
as well as the towering
being it has become,
and feel overcome
with feelings
of honoring pride and joy
as if it were myself
who accomplished that,
because it was.

I look at my daughter,
who used to be so tiny
and helpless
and dependent on me,
now five years old
attending school
and needing her daddy
much less than before,
and even amid that awareness of change
I am overwhelmed
with pride and love
at the young lady she is becoming
all on her own,
this being so amazing
and completely herself,
and I watch and I know
this too is how
my own journey was.

I feel so old,
so wonderfully old…
I’ve been through so much,
learned levels on levels
of myriad things,
and still I know nothing,
nothing at all,
except Love is the one thing
that matters to me,
that binds every facet
of time across space,
and is the only true constant
growing each change.