Insight Lights! Observation Camera! Action!


I have got to help make changes.

I’ve watched and observed and contemplated and felt and cried over the pain and suffering in this world—needless pain and suffering—for long enough.

My focus is seriously beginning to shift now toward more action-oriented questions.

I am asking the Universe to begin showing ways to help The Shift.

I have to.


Homosexual rights and black rights and everything like that should simply be PEOPLE rights—why must they be label-specific?


Money and food may be necessary foundations of staying alive, but the arts are the BREATH and spirit of BEING alive—they must be a high priority, and must be supported, encouraged, and made easily available and affordable for the health of everyone!


Time in nature—unplugged and present—is as ESSENTIAL to well-being as oxygen!


I’ve had more than my fill of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic books and film: we all clearly sense and feel the downhill slope our planet is heading—it’s time to stop imagining and describing and dwelling on it, and time to begin writing it how we WANT it to be! Put your energy into THAT!


We are not this people and that people, this country with these invisible lines on the ground, that country with these invisible lines on the ground, we are HUMANS. This is our PLANET. One planet! The ONLY one we have—and we SHARE it. What one does TOTALLY affects everyone else here.


And we are not the masters of the Universe. We are not even the masters of earth.

We are local fauna, no different than any other life here other than having the ability to reason, observe, problem-solve, and see beyond our own ego—WHICH SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY MAKE THINGS THE OPPOSITE OF HOW THEY CURRENTLY ARE, don’t you think?


How do I make any sort of difference in ANYTHING?

More waiting, more watching—no hesitating on action, when opportunity revealed.


Oh, I’m also an author, aren’t I?

Hmmmm…. LOL