All I Need

I don’t know if it’s the Aries in me or the insatiable creative in me, but once the spark of something ignites, I want to go all out before I go out—and by that, I mean I first want to plot and plan and organize and design and…

I’ll start from the beginning.

Hand in hand with some major changes in my daily life and routines over the past month, my personal and internal routines have naturally been affected as well, and it turns out this rearranging seems to be for the better, internally. Though I can’t quite pinpoint how or why—perhaps it really doesn’t even have anything to do with the changes themselves, but more to do with my own attention—my thoughts and awareness have shifted back toward my core foundation, those fires in my Heart that never extinguish no matter how much they may dim in the midst of this physical life. Though you’d think I’d be even more stressed and scrambled with this even less time for all the busy-ness on my plate, I’ve somehow been able to spend more time with my family, more time reading material that waters my soul, more time stopping and seeing things in my world.

Change without choice in one area tumbled to change in other areas.
But this was inevitable, no?

And so I feel comfortable hard-shell cases are shattering, habit-clogged vision is clearing, blurry intentions and goals are sharpening… and sprouts that have broken ground at my core are seeing light—blossoms I hadn’t even realized I had developed over the past probably three years.

And I have to write!
I have to blog!
I have to get these… things… out into the atmosphere… thought aloud… rambled amok… things that cannot wait for the next big book to be written to see daylight.

I don’t know if it’s the Aries in me or the insatiable creative in me, but once the itch to start un-neglecting my poor blog and start making use of it for this purpose again, I immediately wanted to launch into a website redesign and blog reformat and start a fan page for it and link it to this and to that and and and…

Just write.

The blog already exists—that’s all I need.
The layout and design is already good for what I need—that’s all I need.
The words and the fire and the emotions are already ready—that’s all I need.

I’m going to write.
That’s all I need.

I think that’s a key to life in general—we got all we need for this here moment right now.

How many other Heart-fires have been lost or scrunched because of perfect pre-planning rather than simply doing?
It doesn’t matter.

I’m this me, and this me cannot not [insert things here].
PS—I do realize, though, that even this initial intention-post could technically be classified as not jumping right into writing, but having to set up explanatory ground first, but even that’s okay, too. <3


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