Mother Sorrow, Natal Manifesto

My heart has been broken,
And those pieces have been broken,
And the pieces of those pieces have been broken.

And as my heart has been divided,
And had the divided divided,
I realize
With ever-sharpening clarity
I am
A mirror,
A sentient reflection of the Whole which lies broken around me.

I am no different than,
And not immune from
The Whole.
How was such separation allowed?
How were such things tolerated and ignored, back when it was still not too late,
Not too fragmented to still put a foot down rather than turn eyes away and pretend such things were not happening?

Is it too late?
Is all now lost to us forever?

This place has been before,
And Noah wept night and day.

This place has been before,
And Moses wept night and day.

This place has been before,
And Jeremiah wept night and day.

This place has been before,
And Jesus wept
Even while demonstrating another Tao.


When will we fucking learn????


And frogs in pots is no excuse or justification for those who also claim to be the image of the Divine.

Whether the ancient stories were ever true,
They show the deeper awareness of the Whole
There is a point,
A boundary,

A line.


WHY is it not apparent enough that UNITY and LOVE feel SO much better
Than anger, hate, and greed to DO something, to MAKE CHANGES?

And my heart is broken
At all I see,
At all I feel,
At all I know things could be.


What do we do?
Where do we start?

I can only make a decision for myself.

I can only choose what I alone do.


And I have to.


This is not how it was supposed to go…

I have to demonstrate another Tao,
Whether by my hands,
Or by my words alone.



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