The Odds

“I saw the way things were going, a long time back. I said nothing. I’m one of the innocents who could have spoken up and out when no one would listen to the ‘guilty,’ but I did not speak, and thus became guilty myself…”
— Faber to Montag, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury

The state of this world saddens me, shocks me, crushes me daily.
How did we end up here?
I mean, this is two thousand bloody thirteen—we were promised peace, love, jet packs, hovercars and star travel by now… instead we have more war, greater selfishness, corrupt governments, powerless voices and less rights.

How did this happen?
Is it our fault?
Are we Professor Fabers, now hiding in our pale apartments regretting our previous silence as we try to help the Mr. Montags who come knocking at our door?
Or were our parents and grandparents the Fabers, and we are the Montags searching for answers in the dark, stealing what moments of forbidden passion we can with our books stuffed inside the hidden compartments of our television walls?

I suppose it doesn’t matter—it is here, this brave new world of 1984 where we wear the wool that keeps our temperature at 451° in the thick of these hunger games.


And it has become increasingly apparent that it is getting worse before it gets better.


I’ve just finished watching the first three seasons of AMC network’s The Walking Dead. What an intense and realistic portrayal of what could change the world in a heartbeat. Any virus or biological warfare could make something similar a reality today.
How many people would be prepared for that, much less survive and live in it?

What can we do?

Nothing, except work on ourselves.
Keep the spark of what life really means alive within ourselves.
Read to, encourage, teach and play with our children.
Offer hands to as many others as we can—for no reason at all.

Seek Love in Loveless lands by being that Love ourselves.

Be Love, before we become guilty ourselves…


May the odds be ever in our favor.




  1. DMarie says:

    Exquisite, powerful intention: Seek Love in Loveless lands by being Love ourselves. You (and Melissa) model seeking, sharing, and presence. You encourage us to release our energy into dark corners near us. _/|_

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