A New Old Me

I’m going to admit something to you here you may or may not know already. Are you ready?

I’ve gone a bit crazy…

…For creating paperbacks!

With my recent decision to launch each individual story of my Energy Anthology into paperbacks, (oh, you didn’t know that yet? Well, now you can start saving your $6.99’s up in preparation of a couple more weeks!) I’ve decided to also make my collection of early poetry, Good Night, Nurse, available in print as well.

That compilation was something I had originally converted into eBook format more for myself than for anything or anyone, as an act of officially closing a period of my life. I have never promoted it, and I certainly never expected people to buy it! But each month, several copies show up on my sold charts, much to my amazement!

And so, why not?
Perhaps even more people would like to explore the old me, as I grew into a newer me, which eventually led to this current me—which, of course, is still not the final me.

In my book, a new book format calls for a new book cover (for my book—LOL)! So I’ve redesigned the cover for the third time in its seven year history, selecting an old photo I took of myself back around the time I randomly hat-drew the order of the poems.


So watch for Good Night, Nurse in paperback sometime in August 2013… or grab the eBook while it’s still only 99 cents on Amazon, if you’re impatient—the new cover has been uploaded!






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