The more I observe and ponder this dual life of spirit and body, the more I see there is no duality at all.
Isn’t that how it is with everything though?
We categorize as this and that, us and them, self and other

But there is no difference.

In my continued process of healing from the medieval mouth torture I suffered six days ago, I have a constant white noise of pain reminder how my physical body affects my spirit body, how the two are inseparably united at this time— and how my spirit body can affect my physical body.

But it seems harder to help heal yourself than it is to help heal another.
Isn’t that how it is with everything though?


Duality— separation— is the primary cause of pain.
Of wars.
Of anger.

All this is majorly overlooked in this day and age.


But what would happen if ALL was seen together,
as ONE?

Perhaps there would be healing.

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