The Cracking of Bone

There are times it is really, really frustrating to have a physical body.
Like yesterday, and into today…

All four of my wisdom teeth were drilled, yanked, and cracked out of me.

I heard and felt the bone cracking.

I gave the dentist a heck of a job though, he said I have some of the strongest bones he’s ever seen, and I won’t be having any problems with osteoporosis when I’m older.


Once the dozen or more numbing shots wore of throughout my gums, cheeks and chin, the pain from my jaws sent me to the edge of a pain I’ve never experienced before. Pain has never made me feel like throwing up just from the fact of the pain.

They gave me Lortab… but it only made me dizzy, caused my entire body to feel only half-occupied, and did nothing really for the pain. I took regular old ibuprofen, and it helped much better.


I’m just fine, and it wasn’t that horrible…  but I definitely have some new direct experience descriptions for future stories, eh?



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