So it seems that since I’ve been present in this space of my own, I have ceased my dreaming, stopped my talking about “one day,” quit telling people that I’m “working on” writing, and started actually writing.

I know, right?

Y’all thought I never really would.

But years of messages and prodding to write, write, write have finally been allowed to zap the electric sockets in this brain-O-mine, and spark this well of ideas and inspiration I can’t write fast enough to keep up with!

Perhaps I hadn’t quite reached the knowledge, experience, and knowing of mySELF yet to begin actually writing… perhaps I was in my squirrel stage, storing my nuts away (wait— does that sound dirty?) until it was time to begin the never-ending labor of literary birth.

I haven’t written a single book yet, though… I currently have FOUR out!

I began by finalizing the arrangement of my early poetry into a collection entitled GOOD NIGHT, NURSE, then launched directly into my fiction series I call The Energy Anthology. Each standalone story in this seven-part series illustrates one of the major energy centers in our bodies— our chakras— all while telling a broader, interconnected story that reveals a little more in each book.

The first two, ROOT and SACRAL, are out, and have received high ratings and positive response so far! I’m currently about 15% into the third in the Energy Anthology: SOLAR.

I took a pause from the fiction to convert the energy healer classes I taught via my project into THE GALAXY HEALER’S GUIDE— a simple, Universal healing guide for anyone and everyone. The response I’ve received from this title alone has been simultaneously surreal and humbling. A print version is in the process of being formatted and made available, which I anticipate to be even more popular than the eBook, which is already available most everywhere eBooks are sold.

So here I am, writing stories for myself, and people all over the world are reading them.

It feels like people are paying money to listen to me talk to myself…

And I find that’s kool with me. ;-P

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