There are a plethora of Timekeepers which bookmark far more than a simple calendar can ever hope and dream to keep track of. New years begin with all sorts of events!
In fact, I propose a motion the calendar just go ahead and be reset at this very moment, and therefore this day be considered New Year’s Eve… for on the morrow, one year hence, unto us a Child was born… and not just any child, this… no, THE child… the One to change the world—
MY world.
It was this day one year ago Melissa and I loaded up and headed for the hospital… anxious… excited… nervous… thrilled… scared… ecstatic… unknowing… delighted.
Our daughter was coming!
O the cry of pure JOY that escaped my lips, that mixed media of laughter and tears at five in the morning when I first beheld my Julia, tiny and naked, emerge and be laid on the outside of my incredible wife’s belly, where five moments before, she had just been within…
O the relief at the safety of Mother and Child, my Beloved Goddesses, alive and well!
O the pride that swelled from inside! My wife had done that! MY wife! MINE!
O the crumbling of the walls of my Heart… I am a Father! I am a Father… and I am Loved… Loved by these Goddesses unconditionally
And now the planet has completed another full trek…
And my daughter can nearly walk on her own!
She points and says, “THAT!”
She barks and pants like a dog as she crawls on the floor, and calls for her Daddy when he’s gone for too long… then refuses to part from his arms until jammies are on…
She hugs and she kisses, and goes shopping for shoes…
She knows the parts of her body, and lives for a bath…
She tries to change her own diaper, and get dressed by herself…
She sings to the butterflies, and crawls in our laps with a book…
She can tell when her food is not the same as all ours, and can shove a whole playpen to both ends of the house!
She dismantles our structures— Lady Shiva embodied in twenty-pound frame, destroying our boxes and hats without shame!
And what is it that she shall become?
Her personality has been present since inside the womb, and grows stronger and brighter as each new day dawns… yet even now as I sit back in delight and watch Sweet Potato learn and explore, I ponder and wonder
What will she do?
What will my JuJu Bird grow to become?
A musician? A singer?
A dancer with drum?
A healer? An actress?
An author, reporter?
A dreamer like Mommy and Daddy and John?
O my god— what’ll I do when she’s actually gone??
Yet in my Heart I feel and I see
the Eternal Connection of us— all Three,
bound by a Purpose,
a Love deeper than Sea,
add in the triplets, and The Six we shall be,
a Change in this world,
just because we are We
And all is aligned for the future, you see…
I love you in ways I never imagined myself capable.
Thank you… thank you, my Daughter.

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