The Heart of the Father

This past weekend, I took my wife and daughter out for dinner. Julia loves to go "bye-bye," and we love spending family time together in public— probably making everyone sick with how adorable and gorgeous we are!
Now, JuJu always sits in my lap when we go out to eat— she loves it that way, and I love it, adore having my daughter close! But lately, all the servers and workers at restaurants seem completely appalled at the fact we do not want a high chair for her, and continuously bother us throughout our meal, asking if we are sure we don't want one!
Why is it so horrible that I personally take care of my daughter?
Why is this world so quick and intent on putting children off, tying them down "out of the way" at the end of the table, or across the room, at home?
We are by no means "contact parents," but Julia is her own person— and don't you like to feel like a big girl, included and accepted and loved with your mommy and daddy and family? (Unless, of course, you're a boy…)
So if you please, other humans, attempt to refrain from both telling me how to raise my child, and from imposing your mainstream conditionings on my sweet, happy family….
That is all. 🙂

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