On Seeing

I am my own entity.
That being seen, why do I seek attention and acknowledgment from others?
Why must I be seen? I, who call myself InvisibleSoul LOL! 
I know who I am… I know what is not, and that which is… I know when my artwork is lacking, or complete… I know when my writing is authentic, or forced… I know what needs to be done, and when… I know when I have done something to the best of my ability, or done only what is necessary— What validation do I need for any of these? What do I expect others to DO?
I am my own entity, and no other can make me or break me, without my agreement.
Reflections in Mirrors reveal alternate aspects, but all these exist whether others agree and confirm them, or reject and ignore.
It is up to me to see.
That being seen, why do I not open my eyes and see?
Why must I be blind? I, who call myself Openedeye LOL!
Just as it took years for me to realize why I could not (or would not) look another in the eyes, so now I must open mySELF, and… open. What is it within me which holds back these Emerald Wings?
What will I see?
What will it mean?
What will be able to be done?
What will happen?
What will I lose?
What will I gain?
Are these based only upon layers of fear, or is it also Excessive Grasping disOrder, or negative associations and conditionings… or all of the above?
I am my own entity, and what others do or do not do has no effect upon ME.
I am my own entity, and no other is needed to see me in order for me to BE.
I am my own entity, and my birthright is to exist and be what I came Here to BE.
I believe it is time to fling wide the Doors…
Shatter the windows and let in the Spring…
Leap from the precipice and give up the Ghost…
I am not unseen.
I am not unseeing.
And I am not… (just)Me.

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