I hold my hands apart from my body, palms forward, and feel the unseen air rush around them as I walk. Air that was even unfelt until I myself began to move.
It seems we so take for granted even the atmosphere pressing us on all sides. We feel the pressure of water against our body— why are we not aware of this breathing pool?
The proverbial frog in boiling water, we are the same way towards our daily environments and relationships. Operating from our conditioning-based programming combined with ego-panic actions and reactions, we plow through our days blind, deaf, and dumb. We go through motions and actions without thinking, until one day we wake up with no clue how we got where we are.
And it is then we are faced with a choice: exert effort to reprogram our “wiring” and change the way we think, see, and feel, which is frustrating and requires constant attention and gentle trying again and again… or pretend we never saw, which is also frustrating, because we can never un-see, and are now aware of our constantly deepening spirals of self-inflicted suffering— the suffering of not only ourselves, but its effect on all those around us.
So is there then any choice at all?

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