“We’re going to sleep!” they said, and there was HAPPINESS in this.
Casting their crowns… shedding their now breathtakingly beautiful clothes… slipping into that gentle place behind the sun…
The Trees are performing a play of Impermanence,
wholeheartedly embracing the turn of the Wheel.
There is no fear.
There is no resistance.
There is no sadness.
There is literal, abundant JOY in their words!
They are ready to rest!
They are excited about the coming stillness!
They are rejoicing in the… Change!
Everpresent, everpresent…
They know I can hear, and all whisper at once,
each individual, each inseparable…
They overwhelm my emotional sensors with eager anticipation of the very thing humans tend to fear most!
How can the Trees be braver than we?
Is it because they feel the constant of being firmly rooted in place?
No… this is not guaranteed them any more than our own next breath.
It is because they know Change is not Ending.
Even if they were to be cut down and thrown into the Fire, they would not be Ended— they would be Fire, and then they would be Earth, and then they would be Water, and then they would be Air, and then they would once again be Tree… or human.
Winter is not Death.
Winter for them is their chance to Heal. To Reflect. To Plan which way they will grow next.
And so, letting go… releasing… falling forward into the unknown… leaving the known, and therefore the past… is not death.
Shedding these pieces of ego— this “character” we cling so desperately to— one by one, as autumn leaves, is not a disappearing, but a joining! (JOYning?)
Every tree knows every other tree on the planet. They are all connected. One does not fall without the others knowing, feeling. One does not sprout fruit without the others knowing, feeling. And they know the cycles. There is loss, there is gain. Each will visit again. They stand firm and confident in themselves, and allow the wind to blow where it will.
And so it is with Us. We are connected. We feel and are affected by each other. Yet the more we know ourselves, know Who we are, the steadier we stand, the braver we are, the clearer we see, the gentler and more Loving we are able to be, the more we are able to unclench our fist from this Earth Personality… and Give. Love. Laugh. LIVE.
The bushes reach out for me as I walk past. They want to play! “Oh please don’t go— we’ll eat you up!”
I still hear giggles as I get back to work…


  1. Melissa Rae says:

    Beautiful, dearest. <3I too have been thinking about this concept a great deal lately. We can be angry with another. We can at times sneer at disgust at a behavior. We can desire to intercept an unyielding cycle that causes destruction through life times. We can …. We can … We can …. But not for long. Not for long and be authentic or our true selves. If we put outSelf into another shoes and feel and see from their perspective we do not see good or bad. We see lessons. We see being human. We see struggle and hope. We see. We see. We see. And then we let go. And we are they. And they are we. And then it becomes so much easier to love those around us. Because we understand them. We do. We do. We DO. You are finding this same connection with the trees and world all around you. My darling. In a different way but coming to the same conclusion … We are awakening to a sacred truth .. That is … That is .. That IS ….And I am so SO so PROUD of you! I love you beyond. Mwah!

  2. Yes, my Love… we are finding balance in all areas of our lives at this time… within our marriage… within our egos… within (and in between) our worlds…I love you SO hard!You are incredible. <3

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