The more time I spend taking care of and observing my daughter and her “baby-nature, the more I realize traits and qualities that I also observe in myself and other “grown-ups” all around me.
Do we never change?
Many adults seem to have never shed the “life or death” mentality of the present moment… we get an idea in our heads or decide we want or need something, and if that is not fulfilled immediately, we kick and scream and punch and get SO angry until we get what we want.
We are primarily concerned with ourselves and our own desires, and unaware of others around us. We have not recognized how all we do affects everything around us.
When we aren’t sleeping or eating, we want to be entertained constantly, uncomfortable with silence and stillness, avoiding reality.
And when a bit older, as in my seven-year-old triplets, I see neverending stories of blame, finger-pointing, and responsibility shirking. Nothing is ever their fault. They are always the victim.
But you know what I’ve learned?
Even if my daughter is yelling and hollering and throwing the biggest fit, if I simply relax my body and breathe deeply while holding her, yet letting her do what she needs to rather than tensing up and trying to talk her calm, to MAKE her stop, she quickly calms and resonates to me— and usually even drifts off to sleep.
When we are dealing with others who are all in a tizzy— whether not getting what they want, or whining and ranting about how they are unhappy with their lives instead of taking active responsibility to change their life— if we just non-judgmentally let them be, and mindfully still ourselves, we find no need to control, “fix,” or react to anything unnecessarily, when doing so could further and fuel their cycle and suffering, as well as our own
In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius advises, “Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice; Take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judgment.” We will always be surrounded by those who only wish to gripe and complain, judge everyone else around them, manipulate others for their own benefit, and deny the responsibility for doing so. What can we do in the midst of these immaturities?
Nothing, that is, but LOVE.
BE the Love… BE the Light…
Examine ourselves, and exemplify.
They will resonate.


  1. Melissa Rae says:

    I commented on this earlier … but it is not here. Think I forgot to follow it through. Alas I was not mindful of what it would take to leave a comment.Thank you for writing this. Well put … wise … true … I love this. I love you. Enough said.

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