V V h y ?

We get so wrapped up in our little box of a storylife we go blind to others around us… those we love most… those who love US…

We go mad guarding our brown paper packages tied up with fearstring…

But what is there even TO protect?

And what does protecting them so fiercly DO to those loved ones?

Fear is pure destruction… for all things… on all levels.

Openness and Honesty is Light… Breath… Healing.


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  1. Melissa Rae says:

    Oh my dearest! This week has been all about changes and transformation. When we live a certain life pattern for such a long time, it becomes habit. There is such rise and fall… with emotional release… from deciding to end a habit … though it may be one that has been hurting you all the while …. but benefiting you too …. ending it causes the feeling that change has happened. Change can be uncomfortable …. But it does not mean it is bad. Change can be freeing …exhilerating … and full of possibilities that you simply could not previously see .. Because what was changed has been obstructing your view …. all this time.I love you. Thank you for not protecting me … in that way …. any longer.

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