Today is New Moon.
That means there is no moon.
From here, Our Lady Satellite will grow…



much like a baby,
a bright, glowing baby gestating within a vast, expansive womb of space,

much like the baby
that has been gestating in the beautiful, perfect womb of my soulmate
for the last nine months

and will be born


this lunar cycle closes
and there is once again a
moonless sky…

When I finally hold my daughter
in my own arms
late at night,

I will look up
and wonder when that satellite baby
will also be born.


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  1. Melissa Rae says:

    Darling … this thought brings tears to my eyes. Yes. she will be here soon. Your arms will be filled with her wiggles,giggles,and love. It won't be long now. xoxo

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