Death… and Rebirth

And so this is the beginning of a shiny new blog by the InvisibleSoul…

In the past, blogging on MySpace proved to be tremendously healthy for my flow of creativity: from my poetry and artwork… to processing this emotional mind… to expressing and sharing new “a-HA!”s and insights from my personal growth and aspirations.

But MySpace is dead to me.
A joke, really. LOL

And while I do still use Facebook to keep up with friends and networking, their “Note” system of blogging is not that friendly or accessible… and the way I tried to blog on my own site turned out to be even clumsier to update… no “open and pour” functionality in either of those options— SO spontaneity spoiling!

With the major Life changes that have settled in the past few months, and the birth of my daughter arriving in the next six weeks, I seek my new Balance… my Middle Way, my centerpoint amid relationship, family, creativity and spirituality.

Making time for mySelf has been the foremost message coming at me from every angle lately.
How can I even begin to help others, if I do not help myself first?
How can anyone support, if they have no foothold themselves?
How can One heal, if they themselves are unhealthy?

And so I have been pondering and searching… examining everything to find small ways to begin slipping my own projects, my own passions here and there between the busy-ness of Life…

I see writing has been my anchor before… and it is something I have felt urged to pursue more fervently… for years…

So… welcome to my Mind. ૐ


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