The Energy of God
by Lloyd Matthew Thompson
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that so desires others to be free from suffering that it’s willing to do whatever it takes for that freedom. This love is the mission of the Buddhist bodhisattvas, the actions of the Catholic saints, the selfless acts of countless heroes in myths, books, and movies who help or save the lives of others, often at the cost of their own life or comfort.

Our world around us pressures us to think and act in the same energy it does: discriminate, judge, hate, exclude, reject, fight for our own recognition no matter the cost, and fear anyone and anything different than ourselves.

But every demonstration of the energy of God we have shows that it is a love that loves no matter who, no matter what. It is a love that chooses to love the way the sun shines on both the good and bad without judgment, the way the rain falls on both the kind and unkind without condition.

It’s the sort of love that changes lives.

The energy of God is the free-flowing, unbound freedom to love with abandon. The energy of God is a living, moving, breathing awareness that we live, move, and breathe in. It cannot be fully captured by any set of religious rules or any other sort of regulations—it may find a partial voice and body in a religion or a concept, but it can never be completely embodied within a single box.

Love is a verb, as the old saying goes. Love requires action. Love requires a conduit, a channel.

Where are these channels to come from? How will these channels manifest in this place, in these days?

Are these channels not found in our own hands, in our own feet?


Revisiting the final week in the life of Yeshua—Jesus of Nazareth—The Energy of God is a fresh, modern look at what holy, enlightened love can look like here and now, and what that means for us in our own day and age.