As I suppose naturally happens in a numerological life number 1 year, I have been turned within as of late, processing and feeling into just who I have become now, where I see myself heading, and exactly what issues weigh foremost on my Heart.

And I find equality is a major desire of my Heart.
Race, religion, orientation, social status, mental capacity—I honestly do not understand the imagined differences that cause all the conflicts in our world! People are people!

In fact, as I look back on my thirty-seven years so far, this seems to have always been present, in various ways.
Choirs have always caused me to instantly burst into tears, whether they are singing old hymns or new pop songs.
Flash mobs have always had the same effect on me—people not only coming together in unison, but doing it by surprising others and catching their defenses off-guard so the others are feeling the powerful energy of unity in their hearts and responding to it before they even realize what they’re doing.
I’ve always been interfaith oriented, easily seeing and understanding the commonalities between belief systems and spiritual paths.
I used to have a blog called Upekka on one of my old spiritual community website projects—Upekka is Sanskrit for “equanimity” or “freedom to BE.”

I feel this is an area my Heart is leading me to.

Where it will take me, I can only wait and see…

I remember a time when my view was clearly “Sure I see it, sure that’s horrible, but we can’t do anything about it, so… just ignore it.”
I think I just figured that those who COULD do something about the thing WOULD do something about it, so I had nothing to worry about, and nothing to do personally.

I find I do not feel that way anymore, and I cannot really even imagine how I ever could have—or how ANYONE could.
When one sees a need, an injustice, an abuse, how can one NOT do something about it?
How can one be okay simply standing by, silent, in their own little world, without at least SAYING something?

How did I get to this point?
How am I, who was once deathly shy, now becoming increasingly unable to not speak up about a thing, whether it is my own family’s needs at a restaurant dinner, a ridiculous discrimination, or a short-sighted plan that holds no consideration or concern for the future—for my children?

I believe it is the side effect of several factors and experiences, but I feel it boils down to pure, simple awareness.

Awareness ushers understanding.
Understanding fosters Love.
Love inhabits compassion.
Compassion IS Love.
Love IS understanding.
Understanding IS awareness—irresistible awareness.

The end of ignorance, and the end of silence.

“Oh, but there’s no way I can get all the way to that country, that state, reach those people who CAN cause a change—and besides, even if I could, what difference would my little effort make?”
That may be true… but everyone is SOMEWHERE, aren’t they?

Who can say what sort of domino-tumble will be sparked by one person shining the light of awareness on a situation, a need, in their own little area?
What if a dozen areas have one person that speaks up and says “Hey, now hold on just a gosh-darn minute there…”

Yet even this calls for discretion, discernment, and wisdom.
Constant mindful awareness.
Act where it is beneficial… be still where it is not beneficial.
Intuitively pick and choose battles.

And extremes imbalance in all things.

So… speak from the Heart.
Drop all fear.